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Optimize and protect your digital identities. We are leaders in identity security and deliver tailored solutions for a secure and efficient digital environment.
Why choose us?

Secure, efficient, and scalable.

Best products

We only offer the best products on the market. This means the products that have the highest customer satisfaction rates, the highest ranking by the research companies and are the easiest to implement thus creating the best RoI.

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Effective projects

Maximum value in the shortest possible time - that's our philosophy. Our experts operate according to our own developed methodology, 'Unified Identity Process,' which means we always focus on how we can create value quickly."

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Comprehensive solutions

Let us take care of everything. We offer a complete Identity Service. This means we handle everything related to the Identity solution. We ensure that your data is secure, up-to-date, and compliant with all legal requirements, so you can focus on other matters

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Secure you digital identities with the best products on the market

Our offering


It's not easy to navigate the jungle of identity security systems. With us, you'll receive strategic and specialized consulting in areas such as IAM, IGA, PAM, and several other aspects of Identity Security.


We assist you with the implementation of the market's best products in identity security and IAM. Get full support from day one. Our experienced and specialized consultants make the process simple and efficient.


We provide you with fast and accessible support for your Identity Security products. We work proactively to prevent issues and ensure the smooth and efficient management of your digital identities

Application Management

We handle the continuous monitoring and optimization of your identity security solutions. With the market's leading products and our experts in Identity Security, you can focus on your core business while we take care of the technical aspects.

Managed services

Optimize the management of your digital identities. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of Managed Services to facilitate the implementation and operation of identity solutions. With our expertise, we handle everything from support to strategic security matters


Let us do the job. Optimize resources, efficiency, and results by outsourcing. We take care of the entire Identity Security domain, both strategically, operationally, and technically. Secure, efficient, and better than industry standards, that's our tune.

New regulations for school exams!

Are you prepared? The first digital national exams are planned for spring 2024. We help you stay compliant!

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Gartner Predicts 2024: The Changing Role of the Identity and Access Management Leader

As the world prioritizes identity-first security over the classic “perimeter-first” approach, significant changes have been happening to organizations. By 2026, 25% of identity and access management (IAM) leaders will be responsible for both cybersecurity and business results, operating from the C-suite as chief identity officers (CIDOs).
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Identity security

Identity security secures your organization's future in the digital era.

Control and protection of digital identities are of paramount importance in today's workplace. By implementing robust identity and access controls, you can manage and restrict access to your critical resources.

When you prioritize Identity Security, you demonstrate your commitment to protecting your company, your customers, and creating a secure digital environment.

Smart Identity on Azure™

Security, flexibility, and scalability. Smart Identity on Azure™ – ID North’s solution for a smooth transition to cloud-based identity management and governance

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Simplify and secure your organization with Identity Access Management (IAM)!

With Identity Access Management (IAM), you gain control over your users’ access to company resources in a smooth and secure manner. We assist you in managing and protecting user identities, defining access rights, and ensuring compliance with rules and regulations.

Streamline processes, reduce the risk of unauthorized access, and safeguard sensitive information. Our IAM solutions are customizable and scalable to meet your specific needs and grow with your business.

How we work

Build digital trust

Leading collaboration partners

We collaborate only with partners who can offer the best products. Ones with top rankings, easy implementation, and the ability to quickly deliver impact and results on the bottom line.

Smart solutions

It should be easy to work with us. Short, streamlined projects that quickly make a difference for your business are our goal. Our own strategy, 'Unified Identity Process,' places your organization and your goals at the center.

A team of experts

At our company, we have the industry's sharpest experts. We generously share knowledge among ourselves and always ensure that we stay updated with the latest trends. This ensures that you can feel confident that we will make a real difference.

Digital trust by Identity Security

What do our clients say?

We see this as one of the most critical areas in data protection and IT security. Even though we are a relatively small bank, we must adhere to the same regulations as the major banks. In the end, we settled for a combination of the leading product and the leading experts in Identity Security.

Olle Lindell CISO Marginalen Bank

We selected ID North along with SailPoint because we needed the best possible solution. We provide healthcare for many people, so we must set high standards for many things, especially when it comes to Identity Management.

Tobias Hermansson Vice President Information Security at Capio

We liked the approach and the process that ID North presented to us. Their "Governance first" strategy was truly what made us choose ID North. A structured approach to the entire identity project that we could comprehend and actively participate in.

Anna Idorn CISO at Ikano Bank
Safe, effective & scalable

Collaborative partners

Identity security builds digital trust

Identity security is crucial in today's digital world - unleash the potential of your users and protect valuable information.

We protect your company's most valuable assets. With complete visibility and control over all users, we minimize the risk of cyber intrusions, providing you with valuable competitive advantages. Together, we build digital trust!

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Explore Gartner®: “Predicts 2024: The Changing Role of the Identity and Access Management Leader” and learn how the responsibilities and requirements of the IAM leader will evolve in 2024.

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