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Comprehensive solutions

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Outsourcing in the field of identity security is growing rapidly. There are many factors contributing to this development. According to an analysis from ISC2, there is a shortage of about 350,000 cybersecurity experts in Europe, so finding and retaining personnel with the right qualifications is not easy. IAM teams are often quite small, creating vulnerability and dependence on individual individuals.
Laws and regulations are constantly changing, and the threat landscape against companies is constantly increasing, while demands for efficiency from the rest of the organization are also rising. This has driven a trend towards seeking expertise outside one's own organization.

A comprehensive solution means that we take responsibility for your entire Identity Security. We work together to shape products and services according to your wishes and needs, and you can rest assured that everything is handled correctly.

Choosing the Right Service Package

Our well-defined service packages can be customized to fit your specific business needs. You always have the option to expand the scope of responsibilities and add new solutions as your needs evolve.

In an environment where operations are critical, we can offer support to organizations facing challenges in this area. We can handle parts of support, management, and operations, or we can take care of everything.
Outsourcing Identity Security provides a higher level of scalability and flexibility for your company. As we can tailor our services to your specific needs and goals, you can benefit from Identity Security solutions that can scale up or down depending on changing requirements and circumstances. This saves both time and resources.

Outsourcing Identity Security

A strategic choice for those seeking to leverage expertise and resources offered by specialized companies.

One of the primary benefits of outsourcing Identity Security is access to specialized knowledge and experience. As experts in the field, we have a dedicated team well-versed in the latest trends and best practices. We possess in-depth knowledge of various identity security solutions and offer tailored strategies and implementations that fit your company's specific needs.

By outsourcing Identity Security, you can also take advantage of advanced technologies and tools without needing to invest in them yourself. We provide modern platforms and solutions to handle authentication, access control, and identity monitoring. This enables you to benefit from the latest technology without having to spend time and resources on building and maintaining your own systems.
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Your Organization and Vision:

Together, we'll find a setup that fits

Solution Support

Gather everything in one place, problems, development, and management. We take care of all the issues.

Application Management

We update, configure, install, monitor, and provide continuous performance tracking and more.

Managed Services

We handle change requests, build connections, fix bugs, manage continuous development, certifications, reporting, and role management.


We take full responsibility for the entire identity security solution, all implementations, planning, and act as the Identity Security Manager both internally and externally.

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