Operational Services

Operational Services

Experience complete management of your Identity Security needs with our expert team.

Externalizing all or parts of your Identity Security work is increasingly common for several reasons. There's a shortage of cybersecurity experts in Europe, making it difficult to find and retain qualified staff. Operational Services' IAM teams are often small, leaving them vulnerable and dependent on individual skills.

Laws and regulations change frequently, and the threat landscape against companies continues to grow. Meanwhile, organizations face mounting pressure to operate efficiently. Consequently, there's a growing trend of seeking expertise from outside the organization.

Together, we tailor products and services to meet your needs, ensuring everything is managed correctly.

Tailored packages

Our service packages are fully customizable to align with your unique business needs. You have the flexibility to expand responsibilities and incorporate new solutions as your requirements evolve, ensuring a tailored approach that grows with you and your business.

  • Tailored Solutions: Our service packages adapt to your business needs, allowing flexibility to adjust responsibilities and integrate new solutions as your demands change.
  • Extensive Support: We provide comprehensive assistance for organizations facing operational challenges, covering all aspects or specific needs.
  • Flexible Scalability: Outsourcing Identity Security ensures scalable solutions tailored to your requirements, optimizing resources and adapting to evolving circumstances.
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Solution Support

Centralize your operations by entrusting us with problem-solving, development, and management within Identity Security—we handle it all.

Application Management

We handle updates, configurations, installations, monitoring, and continuous performance tracking, ensuring your system runs seamlessly.

Managed Service

We manage change requests, establish connections, troubleshoot bugs, oversee continuous development, handle certifications, generate reports, and manage role assignments.


We fully manage the entire identity security solution, from implementation to planning, serving as the Identity Security Manager both internally and externally.

By outsourcing Identity Security, you gain access to advanced technologies and tools without the need for direct investment. We provide modern platforms and solutions for authentication, access control, and identity monitoring. This enables you to leverage the latest technology without the burden of developing and maintaining your own systems, saving both time and resources.
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