Gartner® | Emerging Tech: Identity-First Security — Position Products to Evolving IAM Goals

“The identity and access management market is evolving as customers embrace a more proactive identity-first security approach. Product leaders must position their offerings to meet evolving IAM enterprise goals and needs.”


Critical Insights

There is increasing awareness among the C-suite regarding the criticality of identity and access management (IAM) solutions in achieving business objectives. This is driving the involvement of the majority of IAM leaders (those responsible for IAM in their organizations) in decisions related to strategic business initiatives.

Only 19% of organizations prefer existing vendor relationships when making IAM investment decisions; most of the surveyed respondents are choosing disparate tools offering best capability for each use case from multiple vendors. Identity fabric principles can help address the resulting integration challenges by offering an architecture that is composable and resilient.

Almost 50% of organizations are not adequately staffed or funded for new IAM projects or IAM modernization efforts, mostly due to lack of skilled IAM personnel.

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* Gartner, Emerging Tech: Identity-First Security — Position Products to Evolving IAM Goals, Swati Rakheja, Sean ONeill, 1 March 2024

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