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Difference from day one

With us, you'll notice a difference from day one. Our extensive experience has given us insight into what works and how we can improve it.

Our top priority is to swiftly initiate the project, implement the solutions, and witness results. Together, we continue to build more smart solutions and features to create even greater value over time. To live up to our convictions, we operate according to the industry's best practices. We've also developed our own process - the 'Unified Identity Process' - which focuses on maximizing value in the shortest time possible. The 'Unified Identity Process' is a framework based on best practices and the knowledge gained from managing numerous Identity Security projects since the turn of the millennium. This framework includes processes, artifacts like blueprints, templates, and reusable configurations.

Quality control of the project

A part of this framework also involves consistently ensuring that the project maintains quality in its deliverables, a sustainable target architecture, and overall progress in the project. Another aspect is that we always keep our eyes on the reality post-project. We believe in sticking to standard solutions as much as possible and minimizing the number of customized special cases. We see it as our responsibility to ensure the success of subsequent management over time, thereby minimizing potential significant costs down the line.

We are convinced that

Software is only a good investment if it's used, so get it deployed quickly within the organization.

Efficient projects quickly generate value and increase interest. Our solutions simplify the workday and inspire new ideas and commitment.

Investing in the best products contributes to faster implementations and ROI

You need to plan for maintenance and development.

Identity security

Manage, protect, and automate access permissions for all your users.

Having a clear strategy for your identity security work contributes to preventing cyberattacks and increasing efficiency and productivity in the company.

By ensuring that users and devices are correctly identified and verified, you can reduce the risk of unauthorized access to systems and data. Protect sensitive information and enable efficient and secure access to vital resources and data. Working strategically with Identity Security reduces the risks of disruptions, strengthens compliance with security regulations, and frees up valuable time.

We help you protect your data by providing you with complete visibility and control over all your users.

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