Quality-assured personal data – every time

Secure and updated personal data with Quality ID

Access to accurate and secure personal data is essential for strong cybersecurity.

While many organizations rely on manual methods to manage personal information, these can result in inaccuracies and inconsistencies over time. This becomes especially concerning when personal data changes and systems fail to stay updated. Implementing Quality Identity (QID) measures is crucial for ensuring precise and secure personal data within the system, thereby enhancing Identity Security.

Quality ID ensures accurate, valid, and reliable personal data in the system consistently.

Features & benefits with Quality ID

  • Direct connection to the Swedish Tax Agency (Navet) or the Swedish Tax Agency (SPAR), depending on the government agency or private company.
  • Automatic updates of personal data when changes have occurred at the Swedish Tax Agency.
  • Web interface for conducting searches on individuals, property identification, family relationships, new residents, and more.
  • A large number of customized integrations with well-known business systems.
  • Replaces all your existing integrations with the Swedish Tax Agency/SPAR via a central integration point.
  • The integration in Quality ID provides endless possibilities to retrieve and update personal data in your systems.
  • All personal data is stored and processed locally, which provides cost savings and greater accessibility than at the Tax Agency.
  • AI and BI tools can collaborate with Quality ID to plan ahead and manage statistics.
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