Identity and Access Management (IAM)

In today’s digital landscape, proper identity management and authorized access are crucial to maintaining robust cybersecurity. Without a well-functioning IAM solution, detecting, limiting, and thwarting cyberattacks is currently a challenge.

The human error

Several industry analyses have consistently pointed to human error as a significant reason for successful attacks. Obsolete or misconfigured applications, social manipulation, unauthorized account access, and improper permission escalation are some of the vulnerabilities attackers exploit. That's why IAM represents the first and crucial step in strengthening your organization's cybersecurity.

In the world of IAM, where identity and security converge, a multitude of routines, rules, and technologies interact to provide a comprehensive security solution against cyber threats. The burning question then becomes: Where do you begin your IAM journey?
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Precision control over all accounts and access points

Years of experience in this field demonstrate that complete visibility and control over both human and automated identities are of the highest priority. This means precision control over all accounts and access points in your organization. Failure to address these aspects can result in intruders obtaining valid credentials, creating dangerous openings.

Clear and traceable guidelines

If these attackers manage to expand their access rights, the risk significantly increases that they reach the organization's most valuable assets. These assets can encompass everything from identity information to accounts and authorized access. It becomes clear that this process needs to be well-informed and purposeful. Therefore, the allocation and revocation of these accesses must be carried out according to clear and traceable guidelines.

Your journey towards IAM must begin here, or else the existing security investments may lose their meaning. By keeping identities and access rights current and well-managed, you can gradually address other aspects of IAM. This may include access management for administrators, adaptive and strong authentication, and automated lifecycle management (JML).
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We call this strategy the introduction of identity security with Governance First, and we offer modern tools that digitalize management and provide invaluable insight and control for top-notch cybersecurity.

Powerful protection against the misuse of identities in cyberattacks.

Greater awareness of the importance of effective identity management throughout the entire organization.

Clear overview and control over all types of identities: human and automated.

Continuously confirmed suitability for all access points and resources.

Self-service allocation and removal of authorized access rights, with clear traceability and control.

Taking steps towards improved cybersecurity within your organization can feel like a challenging journey, especially in the ever-changing technological landscape. However, it's proven that IAM (Identity and Access Management) offers central functions for successful cybersecurity. We have a proven strategy to accelerate your IAM journey.
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